Using a tool called Extrapolate, videos can be improved using machine learning to boost their resolution and quality. Using Extrapolate, videos may be upscaled to 8K quality while maintaining the features and lowering noise. This tool can also be used to scan old cassettes, enhance security camera footage, and enhance movies for advertising and promotion. The software's capacity to upscale recordings to 8K resolution while preserving all of the original information is one of its most prominent capabilities. Machine learning is used to improve the video quality in order to do this. This helps users make better use of the content they already have, which is especially useful for people who make or edit movies. Extrapolate can also be used to digitize old recordings and fix blurry or subpar video. In order to increase the resolution and general caliber of a video, Extrapolate may analyze and synthesize missing data using sophisticated interpolation techniques. For recovering ancient home films or vintage film footage, this is quite helpful. The ability of this application to keep fine details while decreasing noise sets it apart from its rivals. Users of Extrapolate will get noise-free, clear graphics as a result of the video upsampling process, which will enhance a polished and knowledgeable image.